Hello world!

I’m busy working on a lot of side projects, but i will come back eventually… 🙂

Published by Raul Illana

Howdy! I'm a Mercenary WordPress Developer. Got self-trained in BackEnd and FrontEnd Technologies for more than 10 years, to survive and succeed in the World Wide Web. Thanks to all who taught me anything. My very first time with WordPress was when plugins were born, with 1.2 Mingus. And I'm proudly in love since then. Founded and manage WordCamp Spain with the help of Packet Loss and many sponsors for 3 awesome years. Been for 4 years developing from scratch the ABI Blog Network, a Monetized Blog Cloud Network connected to a WP Intranet with advanced custom CRM functions. Recently started WPMercs. If you need a WP DEV with superpowers and no one fits, maybe you can hire me.

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