About me

Howdy! I’m a Mercenary WordPress Developer.

Got self-trained in BackEnd and FrontEnd Technologies for more than 12 years, to survive and succeed in the World Wide Web. Thanks to all who taught me anything. 🤗

My first blood with WordPress was when plugins were born, with 1.2 Mingus. And I’m proudly in love since then. There were many powerful frameworks and CMS, but my bet was the winner horse, actually driving the ~60% of the Internet.

Founded and manage WordCamp Spain with the help of Packet Loss and many sponsors for 3 awesome years. Force quitted.

Been 4 years refactoring from scratch the ABI Blog Network for AB Internet. We even made an intranet portability from Symfony2 to WordPress and connected and cross-referenced data for billing or word counts for authors, on around 300 blogs. Amazing experience.

Years ago I started WPMercs with the hope to find more lost souls in the community like me. People who still believed in the software and it’s own community (WPhackers, core team, etc), but not at all in the rest. You know, sometimes you can smell the money behind quick and bad decisions. And some of this communities are not an exception…

Actually I’m proudly working and learning at Mirai, lead company on it’s own sector: Hotels. I’ve a wonderful team made of wonderful humans. And that, fellows, is the thing I’ve most wanted ever. 😊

Actually looking for new job adventures. 😊

Happily working again, spreading some knowledge and much love at KingEclient, one of the most recognized IT agencies in my location.

Actually looking again for a remote WordPress job. Drop me a line in Linkedin if you got something.

I’ll keep you updated, promise. – August 2019